Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Panaback in the saddle!

Wudup, Fanafools?! Sorry I haven't posted in several weeks. Just been really busy foolin' around and joshin' with my pals. Friendship is the greatest!

In fact, friendship is almost as great as panablog, which as I see it, is friendship in its purest form. That's why it's time to fire up Fanablog, the Interweb's #1 panablog fan blog. And just in time for panablog's one-year anniversary!

Check back in the upcoming weeks for tributes to panablog, remembrances of the past year, and information about the much-anticipated panablog09, which may or may not feature special musical guest Billy Ocean. Beep beep, yeah!

And as always, thank you for visiting Fanablog. As we say around here: There's no Fanablog without panablog, and there's no panablog without you.

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