Saturday, June 13, 2009

Behind Fanablog's Top 50 panablog Posts Posts

One week until the big panabirthday celebration. This week, in honor of the first anniversary of panablog (the Interweb's #1 Panama Peace Corps blog), Fanablog (the Interweb's #1 panablog fan blog) will be counting down our top 50 favorite panablog posts.

Obviously it wasn't an easy decision to pick just our 50 favorites. As you know, they're all great -- as if handed down from a higher power. And to be perfectly honest, I just didn't have enough time to rank every single post. Between my part-time job at the panablog Retail Outlet in Olathe, sleeping three hours a night, and the 16 hours a day I already spend on Fanablog, there's just not enough time. Still, 50 is a great start.

Anywho, the selection process was brutal. We locked ourselves in an undisclosed extended-stay hotel for three weeks, during which time each of the 20 Fanablog board members read every word of panablog to the group.

With extended periods of applause and hearty laughter, the process went well into most evenings. That process lasted two weeks. The final week was spent ranking the posts in order of awesomeness. How, you ask, does one rank the sun over the moon, or the forest over the ocean? Notecards.

Board Chair, Frank "Fittzy" Fittzwater, leading one of our rankathons:

In the end, we feel confident in the list, realizing that the greatness of each panablog post will lead to some contention. We welcome that discussion and expect to continue the robust discussion for which Fanablog has become so well known.

Up next, #50!

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