Monday, July 14, 2008

All Quiet on the panablog Front

I've received quite a few concerned phone calls and emails in the past couple days. Seems that a lot of the Panabuddies are upset with the lack of posting.

Listen, I understand your frustration, but you have to realize that Jay and Julia are moving all of their stuff halfway across the country and preparing for a two-year trip to Panama. Let's not make it any more difficult for them. They'll post when they have the time.

Until that happens, I'd like to open Fanablog up to some discussion. What's been your favorite post so far? Favorite comment? What are you looking forward to reading about in the future?

Don't forget to register for PANABLOG 08 in Leawood, Kansas. While there is still plenty of space, I wouldn't wait much longer. As soon as a couple people get the ball going, these things tend to fill up pretty fast.

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