Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Decisive Victory!

The people have spoken, and it's official: panablog is THE #1 blog on the entire interweb!

We received votes from across the country, perhaps even the world (the technology does not yet exist to track information on the interweb; scientists, however, are working on it; as soon as they develop that technology, we'll have it here at Fanablog).

Of course, this only confirms what we have long known to be true: panablog is the single greatest thing in the history of the world EVER.

We shall not rest on our laurels, for laurels are not to be rested on but instead used for cultivating further awesomeness. That's the nature of laurels, and even Jay Panablog Himself can't change that.

Well, looks like we have another celebration ahead. Remember to be safe. As we say around here, There's no Fanablog without panablog, and there's no panablog without you.

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